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People often ask us,"What does Tech Serve actually DO?"
We help those who reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.
Here's How.
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​Moving everything from Bibles, to medical supplies and equipment to vehicles and entire buildings, we know how to navigate the tricky business of getting things to the people who need them most, anywhere in the world.



From installation, to repairs, to support, we make sure that facilities operate for the purpose they were created. For all things infrastructure related, we have experts in every field to see projects through from start to finish...and beyond.


With 30 years of construction experience at home and abroad,

 Tech Serve has the knowledge and heart to see building projects through from concept to completion. 

Charitable Project Strategies

Do you have a vision for a charitable project but do don't know where to begin? Tech Serve wants to help

 make that dream possible. No project is too big or too small. Helping is at the heart of everything we do.

But that's not all...

We are unique in that

our success as a company is

not measured in financial gain,

but in fulfilling our purpose 

to help those who

reach people for Christ.


Through the generosity

of our financial donors,

the hard work and sacrifice of our

community of volunteers,

and years of experience

as a nonprofit ourselves,

we are able to provide

low and no cost

services and support to organizations

around the world.

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