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Were there is no vision, the people perish.





Our mission has always been the same; to serve the needs of those who spread the love of Jesus Christ.

Long before Tech Serve was started in 1989, founder Wes Syverson had a vision for starting a non profit that would provide ministries with experienced volunteers and technical services and support. After many years serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators installing utility systems worldwide, he became aware of the great need for this kind of help throughout the world of missions. Rather than working with only one ministry, volunteers would serve ministries of all kinds, all over the world.

In October of 1989, Tech Serve was born.

That vision was the beginning of an amazing journey that God has miraculously sustained ever since; miraculous because month after month, year after year He continues to support our work through the generosity of financial donors, through the work of volunteers who commit their time, energy, money and often personal comfort, and through the dedication of so many of our partners who are committed  to faithfully pray for Tech Serve. Our community is the life blood of our organization. We are fueled by the belief that the work we do matters for God's kingdom.

At Tech Serve, we are committed to five core values that inform the way we operate and keep us trusting in God for each next step: 



We are creative problem-solvers and strive to navigate the unique challenges that nonprofits face as good stewards of our resources (we have a reputation for being the best "bang for your buck"!)



We hold ourselves accountable to deliver the highest quality service and the most knowledgeable support in order to make the greatest impact, and to build trusting, life-long relationships.



We exist to help people know God and experience His love. This is the #1 motivation for ALL we do.



We believe that the only work worth doing is that which serves God’s eternal purpose.



Tech Serve is not just an organization; it is a family. We value each member for their unique, God-given qualities. We consider it an honor to lift each other up with encouragement and appreciation, and to serve each other with love.

If these values are your values, if you desire to build an eternal kingdom rather than a temporary one, if you believe that the world needs that special gift that only you have to give, we need YOU as part of the Tech Serve family! 

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