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Our History

Working Towards a Brighter Future

 Tech Serve International was founded by Wes Syverson in 1989. After serving Wycliffe Bible Translators installing complete utility systems worldwide, Wes saw a need that other ministries had to connect volunteers and provide technical support so, he started Tech Serve with the vision of seeing volunteers serve ministries of all kinds.

Tech Serve has been blessed to serve and support ministries in over 50 countries around the world for the past 30 years. Unique to Tech Serve, is our ability to achieve success in remote locations. Our endeavors have taken us from designing and constructing hospitals in the deserts of Africa to installing basic need phone systems for orphanages in the jungles of Central America.  Our purpose remains to aid Christian ministries with our professional services and resources. Tech Serve believes in minimizing our costs and maximizing our human power. The key to our success is strategically involving volunteers. Our projects are led by experienced staff and accomplished by skilled volunteers coming together to work as a team. Volunteers are special to us and they make the difference. There are always new projects on the horizon for Tech Serve, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and resources with you. Our experience of yesterday make us ready for the needs of tomorrow.


Our Focus

  • Communications Systems

  • High Voltage Electric

  • Water Distribution 

  • Speciality Design and Build

  • Shipping and Logistics



  •     • Support those in ministry with technical knowledge

  •     • We focus on people and how we can enrich their lives

  •     • Provide ongoing support, troubleshooting and repair

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